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To Provide Quality Products at Reasonable Prices in the Fastest and Most Efficient Way Possible, While Still Providing Excellent Customer Service.


Tell Gov. Wolf not to join the Transportation and Climate Initiative. TCI would add between 17 and 52 cents per gallon additional tax to PA gas and diesel fuel costs! PA already has the second highest gas tax in the nation! To learn more you can visit

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Welcome to Timmons Oil Inc

Timmons Oil Inc is the answer to your fuel needs in and around Orrstown, PA. We provide fuel oil and kerosene for our clients to fulfill their heating needs. We also supply farmers, excavators, and loggers with farm fuel and off-road diesel fuel, as well as B-2 road diesel fuel for truckers. We have been delivering our high-quality fuel products to our customers since 1979.

Exceptional Customer Service

Family owned and operated for more than 34 years, we have 3 generations of the Timmons family working together to provide you with exceptional quality fuels such as heating oil, on-road diesel, off-road diesel fuel, and kerosene. You can always expect warm, friendly, and prompt service from our employees.

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Years of experience and quality products have made us the go-to oil company for our customers. Give us a call today to schedule a delivery.

Customer Reviews

Timmons Oil Inc


12901 Mountain Rd
Orrstown, PA 17244






Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM

12901 Mountain Rd, Orrstown, PA 17244, USA